Freefall Products began when we noticed a big plastic waste problem traveling around Thailand. Plastic bags are given out at all convenience stores and if you politely decline a plastic bag, they throw the unused bag into the trash. Plastic bags are even given out for things as trivial as covering coffee cups!

During the burning season which starts in March extending into April it is common in Thailand to even burn plastic bags. I was hit hard when sitting on a beach and just over a ten minute walk I saw plastics floating in the ocean and picked up over 15 plastic bags alone. I knew then I wanted to help cure this problem. Reusable food bags became a solution to the plastic problem. The goal is to not only promote them online but to get them around take-away shops and restaurants around the world. I tested this out by getting soup to-go in my reusable bag. We wanted the most solid and professional bags we could get that would last a lifetime to cure the waste problem.

Any defective bags returned will be recycled. If you mail them back to use in working, sanitary condition they will inspected, cleaned and repacked to be donated to homeless shelters in America. Returned defective bags will be sent to a recycling center that implements strategies for reusing recycled silicone products.

We are expanding our product lines to reduce single use plastics. Our ethos is to work strongly within our communities to identify and implement solutions locally where single use plastics can be eliminated and provide these products globally!