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We hold up over time and stick to our values. Save yourself the hassle of bulky glass or rubber jars that our competitors offer taking up space in your workout or Mommy bag by using Freefall’s Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags. The  Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags do all the same as the jars (holding food, keeping it warm, frozen, washable, and the ability to be reheated) but are much more portable because they roll up when they are finished. This is fantastic because it saves you space in your portable Freefall’s Reusable Bags.

Why do we and our customers love these bags? First of all, they are multipurpose because they can also be used as waterproof bags for a phone or passport aside from food storage. Can you imagine it raining as you travel and not being able to protect your precious passport or phone? Fear no more, if you keep our Freefall’s Reusable Bags  in your traveling pack at all times you can pull it out when it starts to snow. You definitely don’t want to be carrying these items in giant glass or rubber jars as shown in Competitor A and B.

Besides traveling, there are other uses in the kitchen for these bags such as: cook sous vide, freeze them, carry food to picnics or store food in the fridge, but they are long lasting and offer benefits that the competitors do not. For example, can you imagine how much easier it will be to sous vide cook your chicken, which Compeitor A or B do not allow you to do? No need to worry about buying enough expensive single use plastic bags and throwing them away because now all you have to do is re-wash and reuse the Freefall’s Reusable Bags. Besides sous vide cooking now you and our customers have the chance to bring food on a picnic or to the gym or around town, as the body builder is known for needing to carry meat around for bulking up.

Can you fathom going to a picnic and not being able carry your food to eat because Competitor A or B is large and made out of glass and thus making it too heavy to carry food? I sure would not want to carry bulky containers all day in my bag.  Fear no more, our Freefall’s Reusable Bags are not massive and are ideal for carrying meat around or snacks like nuts around to picnics or the gym. What’s even better is that the Freefall’s Reusable Bags  fold up when you empty them. Thus the portability and ability to cook sous vide makes our bags an attractive offer to the body builder or if you wanted to take your lunch to work. Of course single use plastic bags may do the same thing as our reusable food bags,  but they are thinner and more likely to break off. They are also known for leaking liquids. Competitor A and B also have their lids break down over time which makes liquids more likely to leak a few months or years over time, which is a reason customers choose us because we guarantee a lifetime warranty. And who wants a leaky and smelly gym bag?

Heating: Another reason you’ll love our Freefall’s Reusable Bags  is because all you need to do is snap off the top and heat them up. From our customer surveys we have seen complaints that Competitor A or B does not stack well in the freezer and takes longer to heat up. Also, when Competitor A gets too much heat the lids get distorted and never fit right. They also get stained from overheating acidic food like tomato sauce. Our Freefall’s Reusable Bags  are washable and when washed right away they are easy to clean with soap and water and can also withstand dishwasher conditions.

Safe: Also, our Freefall’s Reusable Bags  are environmentally safe, which makes it a more attractive offer than single use plastic bags which you have to throw away after two or three uses. These rezip Freefall’s Reusable Bags  are made of food-grade silicone, and free from fillers, coating, BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC, Phthalates, Zinc, latex, Petroleum or any poisonous chemicals, recyclable, washable and will last you a lifetime. While we can guarantee Freefall’s Reusable Bags  are free from toxic chemicals we have read reports that Competitor B had been linked to BPS and Competitor A has been connected to lead.

Freezing: Likewise, another attractive feature our Freefall’s Reusable Bags offer is freezing. When tested the soup comes right out in the shape of the bag. No hassle, struggles, or rips in the bag. When you see the Ziploc video the bag breaks.  

Finally, what makes us different from other food bags on the market? Our Freefall’s Reusable Bags  have the highest quality material. We did our research and made sure to address the number one customer complaints which were: the competitors’ bags can easily rip and the fastener can be hard to open. Freefall’s Reusable Bags are thicker and more durable than others on the market which makes them less likely to break. We chose the thicker more expensive Freefall’s Reusable Bags because we knew the customers needs and problems. We wanted to solve these problems. When we did a leak test we made sure to have the most durable bag on the market. Additionally, we have a trapezoidal tab which makes it easier to open and close compared to our competitors which all have circular tabs. For example, our tab is horizontal and longer which gives the person opening it a bigger grip to hold onto when you compare it to the circle loop grip that our competitors offer. When the customer has a bigger grip they have an easier time opening and closing the Freefall’s Reusable Bag. Finally, we have a video with directions on our website and product page demonstrating how to easily open and close it for the customer which our competitors do not offer.

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