How to Properly Store Your Herbs and Tea Leaves

Absolutely do not store your herbs in single use plastics bags. Why do you ask? When someone puts their herbs or tea leaves into a plastic bag they risk crushing their buds. When this happens it removes the potent trichomes from the bud and makes the herb less potent. Who wants that? It loses flavor then. What’s another reason to not use plastic bags? Well for
starters, plastic is an ineffective medium which to hold because it will affect the taste of the herb. Who wants the taste of plastic in their herb? Yuck.

Also, plastic bags will not hold the odor that pungent herbs or tea provide. The cheap plastic baggys do not hold the odor, so it is not a
discrete method. And lastly, it’s just aesthetically ugly.

Why not just go with glass? Glass is easy to break. It’s not very portable because it’s bulky, and it’s unsafe to freeze. It’s bulky and just a pain to carry. Mason jars have a white coating under the lid, which is dangerous because the lid contains BPS, a substitute hormone of BPA. Additionally, the steel top can rust since it’s not waterproof. Here comes our solution: store your herbs or tea in airtight silicone herb bags. Keep Your Pungent Herbs Fresh Literally Anywhere in Your Airtight Odor Proof Container. We here, at Freefall Products certainly don’t like the burden of being stuck carrying
around bulky items or else trash the whole day, which are the result if we stash our herb products in glass jars or single use bags. We created this product for customers who like the convenience of lightweight items in their bags. And ensured it is airtight so our buds and edibles can stay fresh and odor-free anywhere you bring them.

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