What sets Freefall Food Bags apart from our competitors?

⇒For starters our bags are thicker and more durable than our competitors because of the thickness it is more durable by allowing it to hold more food and it’s more durable and easier to open which makes it less likely to rip

⇒Secondly, our grippers are bigger which makes them easier to grip and hold when opening and closing the fastener. Our tab is in a trapezoidal shape while 90 percent of our competitors have a circular loop.

Competitor A has a tiny circular tab.

Freefall Food Bags have a more defined trapezoidal tab which allow for extra grip.

⇒✔️ ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: These rezip reusable silicone food storage bags are made of food-grade silicone, and free from fillers, coating, BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC, Phthalates, Zinc, latex, Petroleum or any poisonous chemicals, recyclable, washable and will last you a lifetime.

✔️SMART CRAFTSMANSHIP: With a removable seal to ensure no leakage from the bags even if you put them flat. Please make sure you remove the plastic fastener before using the bags in the microwave. Also, use caution around kids.

  • ✔️TEMPERATURE RESISTANT: safe to use in your fridge, freezer, microwave, stove for sous vide, and dishwasher. Can be used for hot food from the stove.
  • ✔️ MULTIPURPOSE BAGS: The preservation bags are not only designed for your produce or meat stored in the kitchen but also can be used outdoors to keep your small items ( keys, phone, tissues, power banks…etc.) from getting lost. Ideal for on the go snacks in your office, while driving, at the gym, or on a flight.
  • ✔️EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you do not fall in love with these zip top washable food storage bags we will happily refund your purchase with no questions asked.

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